Our Guarantee

At Tough Mobile Tech, we build and sell highly customized, high-quality refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks and other mobile technology.

Device Repair & Troubleshooting

Our Standard Guarantee

At Tough Mobile Tech, your satisfaction is our priority. Every product you purchased from us comes with a 90-days from the date of purchase guarantee. During this time, there will be no charge for diagnostics, repairs, or labor. Most parts will be free, as well.

Our Extended Guarantee

To further support our valued customers, we offer an Extended Guarantee for up to 2 years, for a fee of $75 per year. This covers diagnostics, repairs, or labor. Most parts will be free, as well.

It is easy to purchase this Extended Guarantee – just choose the One- or Two-year options when you customize your unit att he time of purchase. If you want to add it within the first 90 days of purchase, please use the Tech Service (make this a link to the page) and let us know the time period you would like to purchase.

Guarantee Exclusion

For both our Standard and Extended Guarantees, there are a number of situations that will void the guarantee:
• Cracked screen, including LCD
• Any physical damage
• Wear of the keyboard
• Touchscreen issues for a touchscreen not installed by TMT
• Issues related to a computer virus, or attempts to remove a computer virus
• Issues from dismantling or attempts to repair the product
• Changes to the OS, including updates