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At Tough Mobile Tech, we build and sell highly customized, high-quality refurbished Panasonic Toughbooks and other mobile tech.

Purpose-built and rugged for your extraordinary work.

Your work is extraordinary, and your devices need to match you step for step. That’s why we refurbish & customize rugged laptops that are trusted by hardworking people in the toughest environments anywhere.
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What People Are Saying

I needed a computer that could stand up to my work as a salesperson in the field. I am constantly on the move and am not very careful with my laptop. After going through a few less hardy laptops, I bought a refurbished toughbook from Tough Mobile Tech for a faction of the new price – and it is holding up great! 
Horatio H.

I know that Pansonic makes a good laptop, but I didn’t need a toughbook. I researched the types of Panasonics out there, and realised that I wanted a CF-54. I found Tough Mobile Tech’s website and saw how easy it was to customize the exact one I wanted to fit my budget. 
Garfield A.

My boss said to buy a tough laptop for the guys on the Survey crew. I did some research and found Tough Mobile Tech. It was so easy and the price fit the budget so well that I ended up buying the Toughbook!
Susan S.

My department is small and our tech budget is small, too. I found Tough Mobile Tech online and reviewed their tool for ordering a customized refurbished Toughbook. That made it so easy to stay within the budget and get the three laptops my department needed.
Chris W.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a refurbished Panasonic ToughBook?
Buying a refurbished Panasonic Toughbook gives you significant savings over buying a new one for $1,000s. A refurbished Panasonic Toughbook is usually $400 to $800.

Panasonic Toughbooks are very durable because they were built to Military Standards to be used in the field. They are rugged and can be dropped from 6 ft and still work. This is because the hard drive is stored in a shock-mounted storage case inside the computer. It can also get splashed on because they have covers over every external port.

Panasonic Toughbooks are easy to repair because they are not made of a single plastic shell. Almost every part can be replaced. The batteries are quick release so that they can be replaced easily. Every screen has a replaceable film to protect the LCD screen from scratching.

Which type of hard drive should I choose?
There are two types of hard drives available – SSD and HHD. The SSD hard drives are faster and more durable because there are no moving parts. However, they are more expensive.

HHD has moving parts so more chances of something going wrong, but they are less expensive.

If you are not storing graphics, photos, and videos on your computer, you’ll be fine with a 256 SSD hard drive or higher, or a 500 GB HHD drive or higher. If you are storing these types of items, then you will want a 1TB HHD hard drive or higher, or a 500 GB SSD hard drive or higher.

If you want a very fast computer, you will need a 500 GB SSD hard drive or higher, AND 16 GB RAM memory or higher.

How much memory do I need?
For standard use 4 GB RAM memory is just fine. If you are storing graphics, photos, and videos on your computer then you’ll need a minimum 8 GB RAM memory.

If you want a very fast computer 500 GB SSD, or higher AND 16 GB RAM or higher.

What if I need to run specific software?
You need to know what specific operating system you need to run the software. You need to tell us that by choosing that operating system when you customize your computer on our website.
What if I want to exchange or return a computer?
When requesting a return, please share the information requested in the Returns section of the contact Us page on our website to start the process. Please give us the information that was used to purchase the computer.

Once we match this information to our records and confirm the status of the guarantee, we will email you with instructions to return the computer to us and a shipping label. See the Returns section of our website for details.

Remember, it is your responsibility to return the computer to us in a manner that doesn’t damage the computer. Please see our Product Guarantee page for details.